Special Trailers and Equipment

Hermitage Fire has a number of Special trailers and equipment as shown below.




IMG_4571 IMG_4570 IMG_4572





Our new trailer (Water Task force)  shown above as of March 2016 will be used for water rescue, ice rescue, etc.  Currently two boats are inflated and reading to launch.

A third boat will be placed in service in early 2017.

To the right are inside views.

112 B Rescue Boat and Trailer shown above – as of April of 2016 this boat is being replaced

212 Training Division Trailer





812 ATV – this unit has been upgraded with a water tank and pump for brush fires.



Foam Trailer

212A Mercer County Haz-mat trailer stored at Hermitage Fire Department


New Light Tower Trailer – As of February 2016 the two old lights were replaced with six LED light








312 Special Operations Trailer – as of April of 2016 this unit was retired

412 Cascade Trailer – as of April 2016 this unit was retired