Severe Weather

The Emergency Alert Siren System has a grid of six sirens strategically placed throughout the City.  If you hear the sirens, which will emit three, three minute long wails over nine minutes, you should tune imediately to local radio or TV stations.  Please do not call the Fire or Police Department’s administrative phones during this time.  The phones will not be answered after business hours and we must be ready to respond to calls when necessary.


All alert sirens within the City, as well as in Farrell, Sharpsville, Wheatland, West Middlesex, and Clark, are tested on the FIRST THURSDAY of every month between 9:30am and 10:30am.  Please disregard the sirens during this scheduled time.

Important Weather Terms

Tornado/Severe Storm WATCH—Weather conditions are such that a strong possibility exists for severe weather to impact the City.  The emergency sirens WILL NOT be activated for a weather watch.

Tornado/Severe Storm WARNING—A tornado or severe storm has been confirmed and detected by radar, visual sightings, or otherwise officially observed.  A warning indicates that our communities, when announced, are in the direct path of the severe weather.  You should imediately take action to protect your family and property.  The emergency sirens WILL be activated for a severe weather WARNING.


Before you hear the sirens…

  1. Have a family emergency plan made in advance.
  2. Have a designated area in your home to go as a “safe haven” in an emergency.
  3. Have a designated meeting place for your family should you not be home at the time of an emergency.  Have an out of the area relative or friend serve as a telephone contact where everyone can report their status.
  4. Maintain a 48-hour basic food and medicine supply for your family and/or pets.
  5. Keep flashlights and batteries ready.  Generators must be run outdoors and away from the building.  Generators create DEADLY carbon monoxide gas.
  6. Train your family (or co-workers) how to turn off your home or building utilities, such as gas, electric, and water.

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