Overview and Organization

The Hermitage Fire Department is headed by the Fire Marshal and assisted by the Deputy Fire Marshal.   Our department consists of over thirty highly-trained, certified volunteer fire fighters, EMTs, instructors, and investigators.  Our District is comprised of over 40 square miles of first-due coverage area.  This encompasses the City of Hermitage and a contracted coverage area of Lackawannock Township.

The Department has a vast array of modern fire fighting and rescue equipment including a fully-equipped mobile command post and mobile air cascade equipment. We respond regionally under mutual aid agreements with other communities and work closely with the Office of the Pennsylvania State Police Fire Marshal and related agencies.

We operate from three stations – the main (central) station at 2511 Highland Road where administrative offices and training facilities are located, a station at 119 Superior Street in the Patagonia (western) area of the City, and one located at 541 Mercer Avenue (southern).

The Department provides full fire and rescue services to the community including fire fighting, rescue operations of all types, fire safety education programs, fire safety inspection, fire code enforcement, training, haz-mat services, and fire incident investigation.

In addition, the Department maintains the City’s Emergency Operations Plan and Emergency Weather Notification Systemand operates an extensive training facility.

Station #1 is the Department’s central fire station.  All of the training facilities are located at this station, as well as the administraive offices.   This Station houses the following equipment: Engine 93-611, Pumper Tender 93-914, Aerial 93-115, Brush 93-313, Heavy Rescue 93-112, Special Operations Trailer 93-312, the Traffic unit Trailer 93-512, Training Division/SCUBA-Dive Team Trailer 93-212, Cars 93-110, Car 93-130 & 93-631 and the air cascade  trailer.


Station #2 is located in the Patagonia District of the City of Hermitage.  This Station houses Rescue Engine 86-321, Reserve Engine 86-721, Brush 86-623, and one of two water rescue boats.

Station #3 is located at 541 Mercer Ave., in the Southwestern area of the City.  This Station houses Aerial 93-411, Engine 93-531, Hazardous Materials Trailer 93-712, and a water rescue boat.  Upstairs is a large room used for training classes and Department activites, equipped with a kitchen, sound system, and projection televisions.