Laws regulating gasoline storage, pumping gas at self-service stations, and storage containers are in place at the city, state and federal level. Be aware your vehicle must be shut off when pumping gas. It is illegal to place anything in the nozzle control that overrides the gas pumps automatic shut off feature. You must remain at all times with the vehicle when pumping gas. Gasoline may only be placed in approved containers designed for gasoline storage. Also, there is a limit to the amount of gasoline in containers that can be transported in your automobile or truck. The transporting and storing guideline to follow is no more than 3-5 gallons at a time. That is the reason the service station attendant shuts off the pump and reprimands you – you broke the rules. Gasoline containers are not to be stored or exposed to excessive heat or in the sun; they should not be placed in the basement of your home or garage; store them outside in an appropriate area. Sounds like a lot of tough rules, but they are in place to protect you!