The fire and life safety messages for this edition are barbeque grills and transportation and storage of gasoline. The time of year is upon us when we put our cooking grills to work. The innocent looking propane fire grill can cause serious damage when not used or stored properly. Before you put your grill to work after winter storage take the time to thoroughly clean all the gas control valves and fire box vents, check the fire box for rust and deterioration, and leak test the propane fittings and hose lines. Above all check the propane cylinder itself for leakage, dings and dents, and rusting. Should deficiencies be visible discard and replace the container. Any of the listed check points, if deficient, can cause serious bodily harm or damage to your property. Remember when barbecuing don’t use the grill inside a building, they generate carbon-monoxide gas. Never store the grill inside or in the basement of your home. Should it accidentally be turned on or leak, it will fill your home with explosive gas vapors. The last reminder when cooking related directly to fire is to not place the grill near anything that will burn, specifically the side walls of your home.